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September 24, 2014

I was staying with the members of Hiva Oa in Baghdad. Under world laws, people were allowed to go on vacation whenever they liked, but they were not able to chose the location. It was a lottery, and you had to go to wherever the computer chose. If a person declined their destination, their passport became void, and they were never allowed to travel again. So there I was in Baghdad.
There was another backpacker staying with us too. We all thought it was best if we, the travelers, stayed at the same place. This other lady (I never found out her name) went for a walk. She was supposed to be home by 4, but she didn’t come home that evening. We were getting worried when Marco received a text. It was a message from the girl, but it was in code. The code was made up of short 3D games for the iPhone 6. We never figured out what it meant, but the band guys enjoyed playing them.

Steven, Angela and I were getting cabin fever. We knew it was dangerous, but we went for walk anyway. We saw some small bombs falling behind a field. I hoped that people had evacuated from the area.
We came to a large road with a highway hovering over it. Angela noticed the war planes. I said to run. Now. We across a field to an empty barn. Angela was slower. Bombs fell around her. When she made it to the barn, I asked if she was hurt. She showed me her leg. It had a cut where she was hit by shrapnel. We were lucky.

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