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Curious About the Snail

July 12, 2014

I said goodbye and got out of there. I couldn’t enjoy a party with so many cockroaches crawling around. “I feel bad for Lindsay, but I’m glad it’s not my place,” I thought.
It was late when I got home, but mum and dad were still up. I said goodnight and went downstairs to bed. When I opened the door, I noticed a giant weta. “Oh hello,” I said to the bug, “you’re not supposed to be in here.” Started moving towards it, but the I noticed the snail. It about the size of my head. A frog, also my-head-sized, was curious about the snail, and crept up to it. The snail poked its tongue out quickly, flicking the frog back.
I was thrilled to see the animals, but also quite worried at the amount of creatures in the place I sleep. I went upstairs to tell my parents about what I just saw. They weren’t impressed at first. Then I told them the size of the snail. “How big?” Said mum.
We went downstairs to look at them. Two tiny snakes were just outside my bedroom door. One was wormy with yellow and orange stripes, and the other was green, yellow and pudgy, like a shoehorn.
We went in. The snail was still there, but its head was in its shell.
“I’m worried that there are snakes in my bed,” I said.
My lifted up the covers to check. She gave me a look that said, “Yes, there are lots.”
She checked around the room for other animals. She kept walking on the futon, and I was worried that she would make the snakes angry. Sure enough, a blue snake came out from its shelter and slithered towards me. It looked poisonous.

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