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The Brown Mass of Water

April 30, 2014

I looked at the map and said to Shinako that it might be quicker and more fun if we drifted down the river. The map was interactive and showed a slow half and a fast-flowing half. I didn’t heed that.
We floated down the river on our packs. It was peaceful. It was flowing at a slow-rate, and we could chat about the forest as we went.
A high cliff appeared above us. It loomed out over the river. We saw a large blob of water fall from the cliff and smack onto the river surface. It was so large, and had fallen so far that it sent waves through the river, sloshing us around. Another fell from the cliff, then another, then a whole river fell from the great height. The river joined with ours and sent us hurdling down the brown mass of water, throwing us down steep runs and crashing us against cliffs. I managed to hold onto the side of the river at a bend. I caught Shinako too. We used all our strength to pull ourselves up onto the high island.
It was concrete and there was no way off. We were stuck. We called for help but there was nobody else in the forest.
After waiting for a time, a small, half-squirrel, half-boy type creature approached me cautiously. He reminded me of Haru. When he was about a metre away, he suddenly jumped and clasped to my arm. It started trying to hump my arm like a small dog. I tried to shake it off but it was holding very tightly. It took a lot of violent shaking to finally throw him off my arm. He chased me around the island, occasionally clasping to a limb or my head. When it tired, it’s hair turned orange.
The next day, some boy scouts came and saved us.

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