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Giant Avocados

February 17, 2014

I had booked a flight back to Tokyo from a remote airport on the West Coast of New Zealand. My family was taking a road trip in the van to get there.
After we had breakfast at the camping ground where we had stayed the night before, Matthew was cleaning the orange and blue plastic picnic sheets. He thought he was using bags of chemical fertilizer, but they were actually full of orange juice concentrate. The bags did look like they should have contained fertilizer, so I could see why he was confused. After I pointed it out, he carried on using the substance. “I couldn’t care less,” he said.
I packed the giant avocados into the boot of the car. I was worried that they would go bad. “We should eat them while they’re perfect,” I thought. I wasn’t hungry though.
We passed a man heading to a different airport. “New Zealand has too many airports,” he said.

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