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The Mongrel Mob

December 9, 2013

Michael and I were were walking past Moana pool, on our way into into town. Michael was eight, I was twenty nine. I recognized the woman who had her thumbs taped together. She was the older girlfriend of Scott from ReFuel. I casually asked how he was. She panicked and told me about how the Mongrel Mob had forced their way into ReFuel and taken Scott away, and were probably torturing him at that very moment. “They did this to me,” she said, showing me her thumbs,” and there is a dead body outside the club!” One of the gang members had cut off the tips of her thumbs, and glued them together.
Two gang members appeared. ¬†Although I was worried about the woman, I also didn’t want my family to get caught up in it, so I quickly said, “good bye and good luck,” and went in a different direction.
One of the mongrels walked close behind me and put out a cigarette on the back of my neck. Michael ran ahead down the steps.
I got down to the bottom of the steps. He wasn’t there. I was worried that they had kidnapped him. I heard somebody call out, “Michael” in a mocking tone.
Michael appeared on the steps behind me.
He opened his mouth. He had no tongue.

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