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Willows Wept

July 12, 2013

Shinako and I walked into the park. “It’s not there!” I said.

“What do you mean?”

“The giant log cabin, It’s not there! It was there last night, and now it’s not!”

I was looking forward to exploring the cabin that had so many secrets. We had talked to Shinako’s mother in the dining hall just the night before. Now it was just a meadow. A lovely meadow, but not one sign of the house we saw in the mist.

“It’s still there,” Shinako said, “you just can’t see it during the day. Mum usually hangs out in one of the small cottages during the day.”

I could see several small huts on the horizon. She must mean those.

We walked around the lake. Willows wept into the water. We sat down on the old walkway-bridge that crossed the water. Rather than rising up out of the water, it was really just logs that had been laid straight down on the surface. They had rotten away in places. Bull sharks shoved their noses through the holes and went, “snap, snap, snap!” with their teeth.

“You wouldn’t want to be scared of sharks,” I said nervously.

“No, definitely not,” Shinako laughed, “there are a lot of them. And they look hungry.”

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