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The Preview Wheel

May 14, 2013

Jeff and I were helping Wayne Coyne set up for his new Flaming Lips show in Tokyo. It was being held at a buffet-style Indian restaurant. I would have liked some food, but it was all covered with old copies of mad magazine. Wayne was trying to make props out of paper for an intricate story that would be performed on stage. Whenever I moved pieces of paper “wrong” he would get angry and scold me. Jeff kept telling him that he needs to tone down the English, because Japanese people wouldn’t understand what was going on. Wayne got offended and said that it was “an international city, and they should know the language by now.” 

“That’s not really fair,” I said.

“What would you know,” he snapped, “you’re useless anyway. Go help your mother.” 

I went down from the loft to find the rest of my family. Mum was also stressing out, trying to organise the backstage team. 

“What can I do?” I asked. 

“You can help your sister with the dishes,” she said, sighing and looking back at the preview wheel.

Fiona was in the next room, doing dishes while Warrick watched. She wasn’t in a good mood. At first she made comments about me, trying to get me to react. 

“You’re a useless idiot,” she said, “nobody wants you around. You think your theatre projects make you better than other people. You’re just an arrogant man, who will never make it, and will never be respected by anyone.” 

I had to dodge the dirty dishes that she was throwing at me. Eventually it worked, and I reacted; I threw some cold soup at her. 

It gave her an excuse to come at me. She picked up a knife and went in for the kill. I hid behind a door and held it firmly shut, pushing with all of my strength. she stabbed through the large key-hole. She stabbed through the gap under the door. Then above the door. She started cutting a hole in the door with the knife. 

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  1. May 16, 2013 3:10 am

    This is a sad story, and it ends on a cliffhanger. I’m seeing that band next week; they better be more polite

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