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The Dubstep Room

March 17, 2013

The students from the directing retreat were showcasing their final works. Dwayne was asking for volunteers from the audience. Peter and a few other males put their hands up, but Dwaye ignored them, and forced two girls to come up. They all looked uncomfortable. Dwayne asked them (more like threatened them) to take off their trousers/skirts and underwear.  When they were naked from the waist down he said, “now balance a spoon on your cocks!” He took spoons and stuck them to the girls’ pubic hair. I got angry and threw the spoon I was holding. Other people booed. I got in trouble for throwing my spoon. 

One of the other classes came in. Emma noticed how angry I was and laughed. “It must have been awful,” she said, “I wish I had seen it now.” I told her that she really didn’t want to.

To let off steam, I went into the dubstep room. It had a machine with green lasers, that created different dubstep sounds when arranged in different permutations. I couldn’t work the machine. 

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