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February 14, 2013

I was helping at a summer school run by English Now. It was held at an old railway station in Nagano. There was a beautiful, green hill covered in flowers to run around on, yet most of the children opted to spend their time on the platform. I spent most of my day making sure they didn’t play on the train-tracks. If one did I grabbed them straight away and screamed at them. I told Chiho that if I didn’t, they would think it was a game. They ended up being scared of me. I thought that was fine. Most of them had runny noses anyway.

One of the kids was trying to work out the rubik’s alphabet puzzle. It was like a normal wooden kids alphabet puzzle, but squashed into a cube. The makers obviously couldn’t think of any ‘Q’ words, because it included Qython, Quabbit, and Queep. These were just the respective animals with crowns on their heads.

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