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The Other Exit

December 1, 2012

Ann was giving me advice on theatre. We went into the back room of a supermarket, where she explained her points with fish. “I don’t even want advice,” I thought. Liam said it was time to go. Our van had broken down, so we all needed to hitch-hike. The six of us put our thumbs out. A guy from Pakistan picked us up. He was riding his mini-train through Pakistan to get to Ebisu. We went down almost vertical drops, and ducked through tiny tunnels. Our coal-mine-trains got separated. I landed on a lawn where a creepy old man was waiting for me. He told me a riddle to answer so I could get into the house, but I wasn’t really listening so I ignored him and opened the door. Each room had a trap door that I needed to find and go through. Some had ropes that I needed to swing on, some made me break down walls, and some solve puzzles. I really wasn’t in the mood. In one room I went the wrong way and ended up at the old man again. He told me I needed to start again. I said, “fuck that,” and went back the way I came to choose the other exit.

Finally I finished at another cobweb room with three old men waiting for me. They were sitting at a table like a panel. Liam came in with party hats and masks for everyone. He got annoyed at me for spilling pomegranate  juice on his vest.

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