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The Great Emperor Cliffs of Japan

September 19, 2012

Shinako and I were walking through the ‘Great Emperor Cliffs of Japan’. It was an amazingly beautiful canyon, with yellow cliffs towering over us on both sides. We had no time to take in the scenery though; we had to be at rehearsal in two hours.

We were nearly at the most popular area of the trail. The Kamakura Buddha was moved to this trail about a year before. There was a great “CLANG!” and we looked up to see the Buddha fall over sideways. It’s giant head flew off, and rolled and bounced down the trail towards us. I told Shinako to hide in a crevice beside some stone steps. There were no other hiding places, so I got ready to jump left or right. Shinako kept looking up to see how close it was. I cried out, “KEEP DOWN! DON’T LOOK!!” The last time I screamed this at her she ducked just before the brass head smashed onto the space above her head and bounced to the left. It veered away from me towards the cliff. I watched it go over. I wandered if there were any people at the bottom.

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