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Touring the Pillowman

April 16, 2012

We were in Kobe touring The Pillowman. 

Shinako had to go into work, so I needed something to do. I thought, “I’m in Kobe. What the hell, I’ll climb Mt Fuji.”

I biked up through the back streets to where the track started. It wasn’t very well-marked. I ran up the mountain. I wanted to get done by the time Shinako had finished work. It was a clear, blue day. I could see Yokohama Tower on one side, and Tokyo buildings on the other. I called down to Katie that she should join me, “It’s amazing. You can even see the lifts on Yokohama Tower. They’re the fastest in the world.”

“We’re in Kobe,” she said, “I’d rather be protesting while I have the chance.”

“Suit yourself,” I said.

I was the only person on the mountain. When I arrived at the summit I called down to Shinako. “Hello!” I waved, “I made it. I love you.”

“Hi! Come down safely,” she called back.

I started running back down. My run turned into a slide. It was very fast. There were times when I nearly flew off corners, and plummeted down cliffs. It was scary, but invigorating. I made it down in record time. I made it down to my bike, and rode down the sloped streets. I was going to buy a drink at a vending machine. I noticed that coca-cola were putting the prices up by 50 yen. I was thirsty, but decided to wait until I went to the cheaper supermarket, ‘My Basket’.

I met Stephan on the way to Shinako’s work. I told him how long it took me to get to the summit and back. He said that I averaged 18km per hour. “I didn’t realise that I was sliding so quickly,” I said. We watched the most dangerous highlights on DVD. There was one section where I had a beard and was hanging on to a root and laughing.

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