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The Southern States

March 24, 2012

Shinako and I were on a road-trip through the USA. We had rented a camper-van. It was very old, but the rental agency installed an auto-pilot function. We were using said auto-pilot when we were travelling through the Southern States. There was something wrong with the wiring, and it lit on fire. We had seconds to evacuate the vehicle. We could not take anything with us. The whole camper-van went up in flames.

We were in a small town in South Carolina when it happened. There were many run-down houses. We knocked on the door of the least “white-trash” house of the nearest ones. It was unnecessary though; The whole town came out to see the debacle. It was, “the most ey-ex-sai’in thang to hay-pin in aowa liddle town.” We were instant celebrities. Everybody wanted to take our picture and invite us to their house for dinner.

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