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The Baker’s Show

March 15, 2012

I passed by the Hungarian bakery in North Dunedin. It was next to the Inch bar, where Gorgie Pie used to be. The baker (who was a Greek-Japanese mix) asked, “Shinako-san?” I guess he had seen me in there with her before. I said that I was with Shinako, yes, and he gave me some tomatoes in buns with yellow pesto dipping sauce. They didn’t look great. They cost 1400円. 

I arrived at our loft with the low ceiling, and woke Shinako up. I told her that I was at the bakery, and that I picked up her horrible looking sandwiches. “Now we have to go to the baker’s show,” she said. 

We went to the baker’s show. It was a high-energy performance. They kept putting on rubber costumes, and jumping from one level to the next. Giant rubber dinosaurs jumped through trap doors, etc.  I told Shinako that it was terrible.

“Maybe if we understood Greek, it would be better,” she said. 

“There were no words in the play, and it was still terrible,” I said. 

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