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February 25, 2012

The taxi that was to take Shinako, her mum, and me to the wedding venue had arrived. He was a very old Englishman who had a million wrinkles when he smiled. Shinako and her mum piled the taxi with clothes, and I sat the tupperware container filled with inari-zushi on my lap. I chatted with the driver for a long time. He seemed nice, if a bit sea-nile. I watched the price get higher and higher. He saw that I was nervous and told me not to worry, “The price will be different to that. I’ll give you a special rate.” That made me even more nervous; I like to know what I’m paying for what. 

Shinako and her mum got into the car about 15 minutes later. The conversation was nice, but the driver kept giving flirty compliments to Shinako. He seemed innocent enough, so I let it pass. There was a small video screen in the back of the taxi. We watched a scene from when we were kissing on the beach in our wedding clothes. I said that Shinako looked sexy. Her mum agreed.

“It is sexy,” she said, “It’s a lot of fun, but perhaps it’s a bit much. We don’t want aunt Rei to leave because of how racy you two are acting.”

“Or a male cousin going out to the toilets to masturbate,” said the taxi driver.

Awkward silence. 

“Let’s talk about this later,” mum said as she turned off the screen. 

We arrived at the venue. The first thing Shinako wanted to see was the cake. She was disappointed. It was just eight small pieces of sushi roll; four cucumber, and four salmon. 

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