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The English Now Big Christmas Event

January 28, 2012

The ‘English Now Big Christmas Event’ was being held in a large amphitheater. 1000s of kids were in attendance. I was to perform in the show in front of everybody. The script was a mix of old Young Ones and Sesame Street episodes mixed together.

I had to invent a game on the spot. I had never invented a game for so many children before. I used soccer balls and chairs. There were just too many people, and the game failed horribly. Two teachers sneaked off to a love hotel, but everybody could see their silhouette in the window. I knew that they would be fired.

Makiko, Yuka and I could all fit into one of my old jackets.

I was in the Octagon. A bully was trying to steal my phone and camera.

I had a car that looked like a short, denim skirt. I kept forgetting that it actually was a car. I drove into a lot of shops. I was supposed to be on the ‘Dunedin Einstein Trail,’ but I never finished it. I got pulled over for drunk driving, then jailed for murder.

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