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White Pulp

December 18, 2011

My school was taking part in a restaurant exhange in Tottori city. We were in our horrible red uniforms. The city was famous for soft tofu, and each restaurant prepared it slightly differently. At each place the children would be given a small bowl of tofu, and a small bowl of orange juice. The restaurant owners were known for being mean. At one place the two last students in line were given strange bowls of juice – one just had water, the other was given white pulp. If you ever asked for more tofu the owner would give it to you, but there would always be something wrong with it.

After the tofu the children needed to wash. They were all placed together in a large, front load washing machine. They were still wearing their uniforms. Shion was the only student that managed to sit up the entire time and not get her hair wet. She was used to it.

We opened up the trash bag at the Ryokan and a 12 year old boy jumped out and ran down the stairs. The teachers were worried, but didn’t run after him. Yuna, aged five, did. She came back to tell us that he was arrested for laundry.

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