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An Unknown 1980’s Pop-star

November 23, 2011

Wilbur had a birthday party at his dirty student flat. Most of the punks were there. Strangely enough, nobody was drinking. They had gotten tired of drinking all of the time. I replaced the framed picture of an unknown 1980’s pop-star on top of the trap-door. It took me a while to find the trap-door because it was covered by a bag of pine-cones from Yamagata.

I wondered how to get home; it was quite late. I remembered that there was a Namboku line station across from The Warehouse, near the bottom of High St, where the cheap taxi company used to be.

Amiria and I went to meet Fiona Gordon in a tree lined park. It had a street running through like the park near Logan Park. The trees were bright yellow, and thousands of leaves were falling. Fiona was practicing some sort of campy Karate. She was happy to see us, and gave us hugs. She told me that Neal was around somewhere.

I found him. He said that he didn’t want visitors. I tried to be nice. He became fatter and fatter. He and his posse threw medicine balls at me. After ten minutes I cracked, and smothered him with a large pillow. When his breathing slowed, and was adequately frightened, I walked away. I accidentally left my purple mp3 player under his fat-rolls, but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of retrieving it, so I left.

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