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Five Coffee Makers

November 1, 2011

I was in a large house rehearsing for my next play. There were five coffee makers. I didn’t know how to use any of them. I made a huge mess.

I took the Chiyoda line to the station between Andrew A’s parents house and the dairy that his parent’s own.

I walked down Barr street. I tried to pass a guy with no pants on. He kept blocking my way. He was walking in the same direction as me, but at about 2kmph.

I took the escalator up the route between Kenmure Road and Barr street. I was going to an onsen resort next to the bakery. I left my bag on the escalator. I panicked and had to go back to get it. It had my passport inside. It was still there, bumping against the top of the escalator. I went into a soba shop to ask about places to stay. They served huge portions of rice and beans to foreigners who spoke broken Japanese in an American accent.

Kenji sent me an email on my phone saying that we won’t be able to make coffee for a while.

A huge Samoan guy who played bass lay inside a large washing machine to tell me his problems.

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