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The Water Park

October 7, 2011

We were hiking in the Sonora Desert in Arizona. We saw that there was a water-park. “We don’t need to stop there,” I said to Laura. There were a lot of different slides, but I thought, “a water-park’s a water-park. Surely they’re all the same.” Then I looked up. There was one slide that reached hundreds of meters into the sky. It Looked like a sky-scraper. That made us decide to go. That slide looked like something special.

There was no elevator that went to the top, so it took us a very long time to reach the start of the slide. There were two options when we got there. One was closed, and one was open. We decided on the open slide, “there’s not really any point otherwise,” Laura said. I agreed.

I went first. I stepped off. It wasn’t a slide at all. It was a drop. An 800 meter drop straight into the water. I freaked out. I flailed. I looked for something to stop me. I kept falling. Falling. I calmed down. Falling. I accepted the drop. Falling. I thought that (falling) the only thing that could (falling) save my life was to (falling) point my toes downward and cross my eyes. I was falling for around ten minutes. SPLASH.

I went down, down, down into the water. I flailed again to stop myself going too far. I hit the bottom, and kicked off straight away. I swam to the surface. I grabbed the edge. I held on in shock. Nobody helped me out. I dragged myself from the pool. The life-guard was an old pirate with rotten clothes and an eye-patch. He had seven boy scouts sitting around him. They were bored and paid no attention to me.

I went outside and waited on a bench. Mum was there. I told her about the drop. She wasn’t interested. Laura came out some time later. We discussed the drop. We had had the same experience. I was still shaking.

“Well, I’d better get back up there,” she said.

“What?!?! You doing it again??” I said.

“Yes, of course. The man at the bottom said that my technique was poor, and that I should practice.”

I tried to convince her not to, but she wouldn’t listen. Off she went. Mum ignored me. I wandered around the rest of the park alone.

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