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Flash Flood!

September 17, 2011

Shinako and I went hiking through a canyon/beach. It was beautiful. I had never seen a beach and a canyon mix before. There were steep canyon walls, similar to those of Canyon de Chelly. The beach had dunes, and then stretched out into the Pacific.

Shinako shouted, “Flash Flood!” and we desperately fled from the flood’s path. We ran up the hill, away from the water. She said that, “we really should have ran towards the water. It’s the safest way.” I disagreed.

The flooding got worse. She wanted to go down the hill, into the water, and I wanted to flee up the hill, away from it. The walls of water got higher and more violent.

There was one, particularly crashy wall of water. There was a bus in it. An old man was driving. He told us to get in. It was six croner. I thought that it was a bit expensive.

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