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A Large Museum, and Already Four O’Clock

March 27, 2011

Mum, Dad, and Michael were visiting Japan. We took our rental car up to a large museum in the mountains. Dad drove, which had made me nervous. He only ran over road cones, not people. When we got inside, I asked the manager if it would be open long enough for us to see everything, as it was a large museum, and already four o’clock. He assured us that it would, speaking in a Victorian tone.

As soon as we stepped on to the escalator Auld Lang Syne started playing through the speaker system. I explained to my family that we had to leave. They looked sad. I was angry because each ticket was 1500 yen, and the manager had lied to us.

We walked to the exit. A staff member asked if we had enjoyed our visit. I demanded to see the manager. He came out after much kufuffle. I asked for our money back. He said we had had enough time to see everything. The owner of the place came out. He gave me four tickets for the next day. I knew they weren’t real though; They were written in ball-point pen on toilet paper.

Mike asked us to get changed for the wedding. He rolled my Taiko drum down the hill and it smashed in the creek. Everybody laughed and cheered except me. A small dog sniffed around my tuxedoed leg.

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