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Historical Sites Which had a Connection to a Famous Ukulele Player from the Area

February 19, 2011

Gwilym and I were walking along the coast of Shikoku. He kept taking me to historical sites which had a connection to a famous ukulele player from the area. He was the first ukulele player in Japan, or something. His statue looked like a Japanese version of Eric Clapton. Gwilym was telling me extremely boring stories about his own endeavors connected with ukuleles. When we returned to a garden which we had just visited half an hour before, I refused to go in. “We forgot to see the cave,” he said. I could see the cave made of flax up on the hill. “It’s not worth the 200 yen to get in,” I said.

I jumped in the water to take focus away from ukuleles. He thought I was crazy. “I don’t mind a swim, but I would never do it in this weather,” he said. This was my chance to keep the subject drawn to something, anything, else. I swam down the coast a bit and then told him my story about swimming around a lonely island. I remembered it being far more entertaining than it actually was.

We went back to my apartment on the sixth floor of a 30 year old concrete building. It had a hole down the core of the place, so that you were missing one wall and could see across to other apartments, and down to the ground. There was a rail so it wasn’t dangerous. It was designed that way. I threw a 300 ml bottle of Myers rum at Robert Corkin, who was on the ground level. He got angry and smashed a bottle of Absolut on some rocks. Holding the broken bottle, he yelled up at me that he would come and slash my face. Gwilym ran out the back door. When Robert opened the door (I thought I had locked it, but hadn’t done) I shot him with my paint-ball gun several times. He fell back. I pinned his arms to the ground. He was angry.

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