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A Sheet of Paper that Released Me from the Asylum

February 10, 2011

There was a blank in my memory. I’m not sure how I escaped from the asylum. I found myself walking along a foggy, English country road at night-fall. I came to an old graveyard. I was interested in how old the grave-stones were. They were over eight feet tall. Bits were broken off. The moon was behind a circle gap in a large stone wall. It may have been an old church. It was beautiful and I wanted to take some pictures. Some army officials were in front of the gap. They were in the way of my photographs. One saw me and came to arrest me. He thought I was there to steal army secrets. He took my camera and broke it. I told him I wanted to see the moon, “I have no interest in you.” I took out my phone and tried to take more photographs.

The General wanted to talk with me. He realized that I was no threat, and signed a sheet of paper that released me from the asylum.

I went back to work teaching juvenile delinquents. The classroom was English Now. Chad was spraying alcohol in other students’ eyes. I grabbed it off him. He and Ricky Bailey threatened to cut my throat.

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