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The Lapin Agile

January 29, 2011

I was rehearsing for the Lapin Agile in a room above Shinjuku Station. The carpets reminded me of an airport. We heard news that fire-bombs were being dropped on Tokyo. I looked out the window and saw that whole buildings lay in ruin. The ground shook. Shinjuku station had been hit. The whole station was destroyed except a section about the size of a bus. We were rehearsing in that area. I looked out of the, now open, wall. There was now a flat, barren area where the rest of the station used to be. Thousands of people must have died. I looked at the streets where people were still going about their “normal” business; walking home, and wearing sick-masks. Most people were walking quicker than usual, although didn’t look phased. I wondered how I was going to get down from the eighth floor. Brett dangled from the floor and jumped down to the next one. It looked dangerous, but I was worried that we would be hit soon too, so I followed his lead.

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