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Ping-Pong Balls

January 25, 2011
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Karenin was practicing at the import store, Yamaya. Mike’s friend gave us the key and said that we could have as many snacks as we wanted. Koji had walked over to Sunshine City because he didn’t want us to tell him directions. Mike told me to play with ping-pong balls while he went to get him.

I looked at the festival program that we were to play at. I could read many names because they were written in ball-point pen, and the program had been left in the rain. I saw that The Boredoms and The Clash were playing.

Jeff and I decided to walk around Sakurajima to get to the festival. There had been heavy snow and a mix of polystyrene packaging and bits of brick kept piling up on the path, blocking our way. We nearly got pushed off the path by a brick-bit land-slide, until I realized we were too low; the path was above us. We adjusted. Another Jeff came to look for us. He looked the same as the first Jeff but was drunk. A lady with a dog-sled dropped him off to see us. He nearly walked off the sides of the cliffs several times.

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