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January 6, 2011

Makoto wanted to take me to a place on the West Coast. I thought I knew that area well, so I was surprised to learn about this new area. After walking through a deep cave, I came out at the bottom of a gorge. Extremely high, spiky cliffs loomed over head. If you looked hard enough you could see old, giant statues with no heads on top of the cliffs. The biggest statue I had ever seen was dug into the cliff directly opposite from me in the gorge. It was a worn away kiwi. Nobody else came out the other side of the tunnel from my group except for Kitty August. She gave me a hug and told me that the water was going to rise and all of what we were looking at would be destroyed. I was heart-broken.

Everybody had left to get back to Dunedin without me, so I hitch-hiked. I don’t remember talking to the driver at all, and I fell asleep in the van.

I was dropped off not too far from my parents house. Genevieve walked me the rest of the way. I told her about the wonderful gorge. She said that the entrance is across the road from Barr’s Falls.

The next door neighbors house was cut in half, and covered in scaffolding. My father also had scaffolding in front of the front door of our house. He had made the scaffolding himself out of bars, books, and tables. One of the tables was glass. It had cracked from the weight. Dad told me that I had to come out every ten minutes to slip books back into place or he might get hurt.

I went around to the back door to get inside. There were 12 guests staying. There were several people in my room. Everything was changed around. I wanted to show recordings I had done on the same compilations as Battles (I was on the same label), but I could not read the back of the cases. The writing was too close together. The snotty nosed kid knew where the DVD player was, even though I didn’t.

Both Nicky and I had gotten stupid over the holidays and couldn’t teach anymore.

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