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January 3, 2011

I was walking through the Large underground tunnel between Otsuka and Ikebukuro. It had recently been opened. Parts of it were old Japanese style gardens. I was supposed to head back to boarding school, but the gangsters convinced me to steal a car with them. We drove off in the direction of Port Chalmers. Ian Currie was a police officer. He was chasing us in his under-cover police car. We took a dirt track that went over the mountain. I tried playing The Age of Adz on a boom box, but it was clashing with the punk music coming from the tinny car stereo. The road turned into a hiking path. I got out of the car and ran ahead to see if we could carry the car through to the other side. I didn’t go back. I just kept walking. I waited for a while by the harbour. Eventually they did come out, but they just drove past me, annoyed. I decided to walk home. Erin Watt’s mother nearly ran me over when I crossed the road. I punched her car.

On the way past a Plunket, I held a door open for seven pregnant women. Mrs. Watt held back. She said that I owed her money for the dent in the car. I laughed.

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