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Purple Marbles.

October 31, 2010

Evan and I were in a large field. I had a tent that people had written messages on. I tried to read them. It was still damp from the night before.

There were two bugs that looked like they were made out of purple marbles flying around us. They were okay, but I wished that they weren’t so close. One went around behind me. “That one sure likes you,” Evan said.

“Yeah, well, as long as it doesn’t go up my shirt,” I said. It did. I was worried. “I hope it doesn’t lay eggs up there,” I said. I was half joking, half serious.

Evan laughed, “That’s probably exactly what it was doing.”

I threw off my shirt and ran toward the house. The bug followed, but crawled around the front step. I made my own bug out of round stones in the garden.

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