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Couch Surfing

September 29, 2010

I was talking to Laura at the bottom of the Canyon. There was a flash flood. I was sitting on a couch. The couch and I got swept along by a huge, violent wave. It took me all the way to the Couch Surfing Extreme Sport Centre at the top of the cliff. Laura wasn’t affected by the wave.

I was told that I had just surfed one of the hardest couch surfing courses in the world. I didn’t mention that I was scared and didn’t know what I was doing.

Other than the staff, there were three of us in the centre; two college girls and myself. We were told that we should take the rope platform down. I looked down the hole where the platform would be dropped. It was a very deep chasm. They assured me that it was safe. I got on the platform with the other girls, but they looked at me with distaste. The staff member laughed and told me that I would be on my own. I got on my own platform once the girls had left. We could see each others’ platforms using green screens. They seemed to be fine.

The staff man said through the speaker that something was wrong. He said my body looked “Jack knifed.” I couldn’t feel my legs.

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