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September 20, 2010

Andrew A and I were swimming in a lake in Canada. There were beautiful mountains. The dammed area wasn’t very deep. We swam just outside that. We were told that the deep parts were for Olympic swimmers only. I saw something at the bottom of the lake. I put my head under to take a better look. It was a dead, naked lady.

We walked past the cavernous area in the Crosby street park trees. Some homeless kids were cooking dinner in their house. We were invited in. It tasted okay, but a bit tingly. Andrew and Renja both felt something bite their legs. They were itchy. I spotted the shiny blue rat. We chased after it. It was too fast for us.

We played Rummy, but the kids wanted to bet with animal carcasses. People ended up with the money that I had made from the heist. I tried to remember how much people borrowed, but it was complicated because some people used 10,000 yen notes, and some used match-sticks. I asked Steve Buscemi to pay me back. He got all offended. He pointed his gun at me. I pointed mine at him. The children had guns too. Mine was just squirt-gun, but I didn’t know whose was real. Laura was shot. I thought she was dead. When we found out that she was fine I played guitar and everybody sang. I messed up some of the chords, but only Genevieve noticed.

Laura bent over. She was wearing a very short skirt and no underwear. Everybody laughed at her hi-jinx.

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