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An Inflatable Bed

September 16, 2010

The Tokyo International Players were putting on a new show. I played a very funny tramp. The organisers thought that it didn’t cater to a large audience, and so changed it to a soap-opera-style musical. I was demoted to a chorus member. I had to stand behind a column and nobody could see me. Most of the audience left at half time. I saw Amiria. She said that I was good, but the play was terrible. I was ashamed.

It was Konosuke’s lesson. I had told him that we were going to sing songs, eat slushies, and watch the planes take off. His slushy was blue. We started floating around in the harbour on an inflatable bed. The planes were huge. I could see their shadows in the water. It got very dark. We were forgotten about. It was a single bed and there was a small hole in it. We struggled to stay a float. One of the duvets fell off into the water. It was cold. I kept Konosuke calm by singing to him. I asked him what his favourite song to eat slushies to was. I sang him Feeling Yourself Disintegrate by the Flaming Lips. The planes got bigger. We called for help. I thought we would have to spend weeks floating around. We only had candy to eat. I saw a 7-11 and was able to catch the edge and pull us to safety. I checked my bank balance and Konosuke fell into the slushy machine.

Yurie had been picked up by a 35-year-old. My mum told me that my students shouldn’t be dating; they were only ten. I agreed, but there was nothing I could do.

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