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Cesareans are Easy and Safe.

September 6, 2010
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I was pregnant and ready to have my baby. My water had burst. Since I was a male the only way for me to have the child was through cesarean. When anybody (even some nurses) saw me they put their hands on their stomachs and looked down at their crotches, confused, as if to say, “How does the baby come out?” Males used to always die when they were pregnant, but now cesarean are easy and safe.

I was rushed to the operating room. Yuka was my main doctor. She had given me drugs without me realising it. She split my giant stomach right down the middle with something that looked like a hoe. There was a wide gape. She said, “okay, now I have to open up the womb layer,” which she did with some big scissors. She reached inside me, grabbed the umbilical cord, and threw it on the floor. She then scooped out the tiny baby. One of the nurses took it away.

Makiko asked if I had felt any pain. “Absolutely nothing,” I said. Makiko chatted away for a while, but I was still in open surgery and started feeling some discomfort. “Can you hurry up and close me please? I think the drugs are  wearing off,” I said. I thought Makiko was going to sew me up, but Yuka ended up doing the rest of the surgery too. Makiko said, “only one of us are allowed in here at a time. You get to choose.” I didn’t choose though, they just swapped. I could feel the instruments as I was being operated on. It wasn’t painful, just strange.

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