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Arianna’s Mother.

August 22, 2010

The group of us were sitting in front of the short-cut church on Maryhill Road. We were playing with the boxer-looking dog that I had found. At first the dog was lots of fun; I threw a machine part and he would bring it back for me. One time I threw, but the machine turned into a robot German shepherd. The other dog put its jaws around my hand and was pretending to be nice, but I knew it hated me and wanted to bite.

Arianna’s mother was cooking in my Grandma’s kitchen. She talked to me in perfect English. I went into the lounge to ask Arianna what the Italian word for ‘excuse me’ was, but I found the phrase difficult, and I kept forgetting it. Arianna’s sister wanted to teach me.  She rubbed my arm. I wasn’t interested in her even though she was very attractive. I knew that there was a reason for this but I couldn’t remember it.

I went out into the backyard. The dog was there again. This time it was a golden retriever, but I was still cautious. I played with the kids because I didn’t want to talk with adults or the dogs. We all coloured in colouring books. I was really good at colouring outside of the lines, but the seven year olds just wanted to put dots all over my face.

Matthew and I took a short cut through some reedy wet-lands. I told him that he might need his shoes. I was in my sandals. I stood on prickles, and it looked like it was going to get worse through the reeds. We walked a long way through the mountains till we got to the glass house. We met Hannah. She wanted to come to the meal too, but she was drunk and we had to keep waiting for her, or making sure she was going in the right direction. There was a girl giving out flyers, but everybody was very rude to her.

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