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The Rocky Mountains.

August 16, 2010

The Anderson family, Laura, and I were living in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. AJ’s dog went to defecate on the street over. I didn’t want it to. When it spotted me it got either excited or angry, I couldn’t tell which, and I got nervous. Brian Anderson was supposed to be looking after it.

Shannon Anderson had slept through the whole month that I was visiting Laura in Colorado. She woke up the day before I was going to leave. She sat among the spiders’ webs and they crawled into her hair. They were big and colourful. They crawled all over her, first slowly, but picking up speed the whole time. She laughed at first, but then panicked and ran around. I tried to follow her and pick them off, but it took a very long time. One of them made a spider imprint on my hand.

Sarah Moffat explained that they had slept because they were feminists. I pointed out that it wasn’t both of them, just Shannon.

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