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Asbestos Sandwiches.

July 10, 2010

The youth group had made a mess at the national youth centre and we were all being sent away. There was no room in the van for me, so Tim Currie had to take me. He didn’t want to, so about three kilometres down the road he flagged down Phil Thornton and explained that he had to take  me instead. Phil was very pissed off, and cut me off whenever I tried to speak.

Instead of dropping me home, he made me get out at the ferry terminal. He said not to worry about the ticket, just get on the boat, “they usually don’t check tickets anyway”

I really needed to urinate, but couldn’t find the toilets on board. Eventually I went into an empty room, and peed into one of the train cubicles. It lasted for ten minutes. It turned out that there were people in the room, and were horrified. I ran outside to immerse myself in the crowd.

The police were looking for somebody. Since there had been witnesses when I peed I assumed it must have been me. There were so many police officers on board. I stood beside police officers who weren’t looking because I thought other ones wouldn’t look there. Richard Budd was helping the police, and since he was in the room when it happened I thought that they would catch me for sure.

When the boat was nearly to the port I was first against the exit doors. The crowd crushed me against the doors. I couldn’t move at all. When we docked the crowds moved forward ‘trying-to-get-to-the-front-of-their-favourite-band’ style. I knocked over a large spiral staircase when trying to decide whether to go up to ‘tours’ or ‘exit’. Richard pointed in my direction and said, “There he is. In the sweater.” I wasn’t wearing a sweater, but prepared for an arrest. They instead arrested a older man behind me. He had been poisoning people on board by giving them asbestos sandwiches. The police were surprised because the man was a regular on the trip, and often bunked with police. I walked down the stairs at Mornington School, and towards home.

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