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Ham or Pastrami.

July 7, 2010

There was a big English Now theatre festival going on at the Makuhari Messe. I had to come back from my detective work early to join in. Mum dropped me off in the Skoda and handed me my lunch in on of those lunch boxes with the clear top and four bits of metal that you snap-lock on to the lid. everybody was singing children’s songs. I had to find Lucinda to give her the giant balloon. She wouldn’t be too hard to find. She was supposed to be wearing a blow up gladiator costume.

I went to use the bathroom. Makoto was talking to a scruffy homeless guy outside. When I was finished Makoto went in (even though he didn’t have to wait, there were plenty of cubicals). I told the Homeless man that I had found eight euros in coins sitting on the bench by the mirrors. He told me that I should keep the money and then gave me the money in his little cup. He winked at me and told me to run along. It took me far too long to put the coins into my wallet.

I noticed Jess was sitting in the seating area above me, so I went up the stairs. On the way up I met Thom and Briar. I ignored Briar, but Thom said that we should check out lunches. I un-snapped the metal bits, and took off the clear lid. There were lots of little bread style entrée. They all had ham or pastrami in them even though mum knew that I was vegetarian. Thom noticed the balloon and said that Luci had already done that song. He told me about his latest audition. He had to cross a dangerous ancient bridge. I knew about the bridge. It wasn’t that dangerous because of all the tour guides and reinforced plexiglass.

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