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They Circled Wooden Boxes.

June 26, 2010

A prank theatre group was holding a meeting by the square in town. They were making a big deal out of everything they said and did. They thought they were “crazy”. One of them pointed to me in a melodramatic way. “That guy’s looking at us!” he said.

“I was just thinking about how you could improve your pitch,” I said, “It’s over advertised. Everybody know who you are, so nobody’s going to fall for what you do. You’re also not very funny.” He said that we’d had that conversation many, many times before.

They stopped talking to me and turned their attention to a man dressed as a punk. He was staring intensely at the one who was previously talking to me. They circled the wooden boxes.

As they were circling at increasing speed the punk got his wrist caught in a box. He tripped but couldn’t stop circling. His other wrist scraped along the cement. The prankster laughed.

“”Ow. Hey, stop it now, it’s starting to bleed! C’mon man, it’s bleeding. My Wrist! AHHH!!!” he screamed.

He had cut his wrist wide open on the ground but still the prankster wouldn’t stop. When the circling peaked he flung him in front of a fast moving car. It ran him over. The mother of the punk was there to witness the scene. The prankster took some opium.

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