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Lyme Disease

June 11, 2010

We were organising Hiva Oa’s last gig. I was allowed to use the church for the venue, but people in the congregation were mocking me. “It’s a stupid idea,” they would say, “You were never any good at music, it’s going to be a terrible concert.” The show was to be professionally filmed. The angles were okay, but they never really showed any of our faces, and the cameras kept bumping into the instruments. To be honest, they mostly filmed blue curtains.

The kids were in charge of editing. They put the shots in the wrong order and deleted the most important ones. Craig was saying that they did a great job. The church was on fire. He made fun of me for being homosexual. He told everybody that I was gay. I shrugged it off and got on the boat.

The last thing I needed for my show was an interview with the ship’s captain. It was Craig. I asked him how he was going to help the children with Lyme disease who were caught in the fire. “I’m going to keep fishing,” he said. He caught a giant manta-ray. He was so pleased with himself. I undid the sheep-shank knot that held together the mast. The fishing line was held up by the mast. The whole thing tipped over into the water, and the manta ray got away. I was Alan Davies playing Johnathan Creek.

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