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May 15, 2010
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My new band was playing a gig in a small room. I was very excited to be opening for Grizzly Bear. There were only 10 people in the audience. I didn’t really mind because Then we got to watch their set. In between acts the singer from Grizzly bear played drums with the guitarist from mine. I was a bit jealous. When all of Grizzly Bear got up they played a new song. It was excellent.

I got sent to jail for owning property. I had bought an illegal house, so I could turn it into a youth hostel. I wasn’t too worked up about it, although I would have liked to go for my hike through the Highlands. I asked the guard if I was allowed all of the things in my backpack. In it was my computer, clothes, wallet, and weapons. He shrugged and said, “It’s probably fine.” I wanted to give him the money in my wallet. There was a LOT of money from several different currencies. I wanted to put it into the jail-bank so that the other inmates wouldn’t steal it off me. The man shrugged again and walked away.

Everybody in jail slept very close together in sleeping bags, on the floor. I set up my computer and tried to have a secret skype conversation with Andrew A and my Mum. Andrew A said to ring him back in two minutes. The speakers were noisy. I didn’t want to get my computer confiscated, so I didn’t ring him back.

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