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Puppets to Suck On.

May 7, 2010

I was putting on a puppet show, but all of the mums at English Now would dismantle the stage to have a look behind it. They gave their children the puppets to suck on.

I gave up on that. I went outside. My dad had emptied our back yard except for the walnut tree and the trampoline. He was going to put in a new, bigger garden. I thought it looked good.

I wandered around the garden in circles for a while. I saw an animal that looked very much like a bear (or a large hedgehog). It came out of the hedge and climbed up the walnut tree. I stared at it. It jumped out of the tree and into the middle of the garden. It stared at me. It wasn’t a bear after all, but a Japanese Macau monkey. It had a very large, red face with huge blue eyes. I was a bit frightened. I ran at it. It ran at me. I ran away from it. I knew it wanted to scratch my eyes out. I managed to run inside, but couldn’t quite get the door shut.

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