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Kissy Face.

May 6, 2010

There was a head making a kissy face. It was huge, and based on an old, stretched Renja mixed with a sheep, but different again. It had a lot of lipstick. It wanted to kiss me, but it was the most horrible looking thing I’ve ever seen.
Andrew was talking in his sleep. He said that he is sick of the fish that lay all over the lawn at work. “They’re ugly. they have huge eyes and are spiky. They’re mean too,” he said. He carried on talking about all sorts of things (Madrid, Polish people, boxing, etc.) while I walked around in Crosby St park. His voice was in the wind. There really were fish everywhere. They were spiky and horrible looking. They kept trying to bite my legs. I swung to get off the ground.
I sat in a hole in the Swiss cheese. I was grumpy. I went mouldy.

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