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The Biggest Budget Film of All Time.

April 24, 2010

“If this is the biggest budget film of all time, where’s the proof?” challenged one of the bad guys to one of the good guys. Then the room was huge and made from gold, silver, and precious stones. There was a big fight. One guy who could jump a lot won the first round. He was on our team. The best guy was thrown far into the night sky before we could use him to kill everybody. He was stranded in amongst the stars. He had to be beckoned to at the end, apparently. I was a journalist.
The next fighter from our team had armour made from the strongest metal in the universe. He had spikes and his mask covered his face. There was a big ordeal as his sillouette came in the door and he chose his man. The lights came on and the challenger looked scared. Our guy was gloating and taunting him. The challenger kept trying to get the big guy from behind while he was distracted. The protected one kept talking in another language about how great his armour was. He had no protection for the back of his neck though, and the challenger sunk his axe deep into his neck flesh. He slumped and died.

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