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A Wrestler Octopus.

April 23, 2010

I was wandering around woolworths. I was a bit lost, but didn’t want to admit it. I overheard a man ask somebody about a car-part. It was a Japanese double adaptor. I happened to be holding one.
Andrew A bought BA BA TI KI DI DO on vinyl. We had to go out to a field and paste it together before it would work. It was made of very large circles of doily material. The circles were supposed to fit inside each other and then we would place the music bit over the top. It was windy. Pieces kept blowing around. Some of them ripped. I told Andrew that it wasn’t a good day for it.

We saw two planes (that were bent in the middle) crash into each other overhead. We were horrified. Then it happened again with two more planes. We had to find out what was going on.

We took a lift. Laura kept going to the level where the cafes were, but I got off on the fifth floor. She couldn’t be bothered with rides.
It was the Disney trial centre. There were Disney bosses and trial rides everywhere. I saw the video about the plane crash ride. It didn’t look like much fun. Some people in the plane were smiling, but they were the ones that looked a bit crazy anyway; everybody else was horrified.
There was water-slide minigolf on one hill. Another hill had a form of bowling where you had to roll a coloured ball into a ring of 8 other balls. It had a wrestler octopus for a mascot. He was hitting on some teenagers. It was an awful place.
I tried to leave but just found the entrance to Evil Disney Centre Corp. There was a subliminal squirell ride. I went in. It had a lot of swirly lights and two big squirell eyes. There was a deep scary voice telling me that I should stay and stare at the eyes for a while. It was disconcerting. I left via the secret door.

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