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Renaissance After Party

April 3, 2010

I was taking some of my students from English Now and their mothers for a field trip into the jungle. I took Akira up to the high bridge above where the rest of the students were. He was freaking me out because he kept running towards the edge of the bridge where there was no netting. Eventually he fell off. I thought he was going to die. He landed on Angela Robinson. Both were okay. Sawa wanted to try too so she started climbing the ladder. When all of the kids were up there (and all the parents still below) The crazy, talkative homeless guy put a gun to Sawa’s head and took all of the children. He gave me a gun and said to solve the puzzle.
I had to go down and tell the parents what had happened. They were useless. I kept saying that we had to find bullets, but they all stood around arguing with each other. Eventually the crazy guy came back and shot 3 of the parents. That got them moving.
The first place we looked was in a lecture theatre. They were watching things on YouTube as a class. I knew that there were bullets at the front of the room, but every time I tried to get closer people would glare at me. So I decided to try somewhere else.
Next we went into the restricted area. Tina Turner was having a Renaissance after party for her latest show. We were nearly kicked out by the security guard in Medieval clothing, but Tina Turner recognised Andrea (who was in our group), so we were allowed in. We had to change into suitable clothing. I kept getting caught when trying to sneak into private places. I always played dumb. Finally Andrea distracted a guard while I went into the royal meeting room. I saw some bullets and the guest list (which for some reason I needed). The head organiser came in and asked what I was doing. “Looking for the toilets,” I said. I didn’t want to leave without getting anything, so I “accidently” dropped my pants, stumbled over to the shelf with the important stuff, and fell straight into it, making everything fall. It was chaos. Several things fell into my pants, including the bullets, guest-list, and a box of jewls, then I quickly pulled them up.
It was a terrible scheme; my pants looked like they were full of stuff. At first the guy just made me clean up. He said, “These things happen, let’s just put it back before the Royalty arrive.” Then he noticed my pants. “Something must have accidentally fallen in there,” he said suspiciously. I pulled them down and gave him the jewls.
“No, no, I think there’s more caught up in you.”
“Oh yeah. Oops. Here,” I said as I reluctantly gave the other stuff in my pants. I was a terrible spy.

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