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Holding Lambs.

March 28, 2010
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There was a girl standing outside my parents house. She seemed a bit odd. I thought she was Laura at first; she looked a lot like her from a distance. I started talking to her and then apologised for getting them confused. She said that she could pretend to be my girlfriend if I liked. “No thanks,” I said. She then became quite pushy and started talking and acting as if we had been dating for years. I decided to retreat inside. She tried following me and I had to force her out and quickly shut the door. She was really strong. She was screaming, “I have to introduce myself to your parents!!”
I went into the lounge the lounge to talk to mum and dad. The same girl was there. She had gone through the window. Dad was showing her photos of our family holding lambs. She was asking lots of personal questions about me. Mum didn’t trust her. Dad was just happy to have somebody to talk to. I grabbed her and said, “YOU’RE NOT MY GIRLFRIEND. GET OUT!” I shut her out, but thought, “Oh no, the back door!” I ran downstairs and sure enough, she was there.
“I LOVE YOU! WE’RE A COUPLE! YOU WON’T NEED ANY OTHER FRIENDS. I’LL BUY YOUR CLOTHES!!!!” she screamed at me. Her eyes were completely blue without whites.
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