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Mr and Mrs Hones.

February 20, 2010

Laura and I were involved in a western heist. We had to wear cowboy boots, hat, etc, and walk around on the beach. Stevie Nicks caught us doing it, and said that she would kill whales if we didn’t help her with her scheme. The scheme also involved people dressed as cowboys, except this time we had to steal peoples’ movie tickets and sit in their seats for them. The crime boss in charge of this wanted whole theatres to be full of the wrong people. The movie theatre business was the most lucrative in town.
We were pretending to be Mr and Mrs Hones on our 3rd movie ticket bust. This time, the owner of the establishment came down with his flashlight and recognized us. He made us follow him. Even though the jig was up I still pretended to be Mr Hones. Laura groaned at me.
The owner led us to an office where all of the cowboy costume bandits were being kept. He told us not to escape, but as his back was turned to make coffee I went out the door again. He was explaining to the other cowboys that the doors lock before you can open them, but I out-smarted him by going out of the window.
I jumped a fence and landed in water. It was flood water. It was brown, but I could hear cars driving deep below. I swam to higher ground.
This led me to a place full of endorphins. Everything went slowly and was very bright. All of the houses looked like the colourful ones in the pictures of Norway. I was really happy. I loved this place.
When I (sadly) came out I was in Bergen. It looked a bit like Dunedin except every-so-often there would be an  awesome dark-architecture tower. When I got to the highest point I could see four amazing fjords. They were easily the best thing I’ve ever seen in nature. I wished that Laura had made it to Norway with me.
I ran back to the flood water to find her. Unfortunately Endorphinland wasn’t there any more; Auckland was in its place.
One of the Bed and Breakfast owners was waiting beside the water. He told me to go for a swim with him. While we were swimming he told me that there was a 50,000 kronor reward out for my capture. Some jelly fish swarmed around us and starting stinging me. I managed to pull myself up on the giant version of the slide from work. Andrew A and Renja were there. Andrew was taking photos of the jelly fish. He said that he would never rat me out to the police, but Chris Dawson might. He showed me Chris’ facebook picture on his i-phone.

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