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Hooky Poley Thing

February 14, 2010

Laura and I went for a holiday in Madagascar. It was an exciting place, but I was a bit unsure how safe it was. The room that we were staying in looked a lot like one of the front bedrooms at my parents house. It was my parents house. We were checking for bugs before we went to bed. It’s good that we did because we found a scorpion in our sheets. It was about the size of my hand. I freaked out, but laura said that it was fine, “Just don’t let it touch you.” She covered it with a bowl, put a sheet of paper underneath, and then put it outside. When we turned out the lights we realised that there was a poisonous snake in our room. She didn’t want to get up, so made me use the hooky poley thing to remove it. I was scared, but managed to push it out the door. Then I realised that there was another snake under the bed, one near the closet, and one under my jacket. There was also a giant jaggard lizard on the wall. It was going to be a long night.

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