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800 Yen a Pop

December 26, 2009

Laura and I were in Copenhagen. She was still asleep, so I went out to the (very colourful) street to buy some bread. There were a lot of bakeries. I went to the one that Trenetta’s family owned. They didn’t have much. The giant cheese knots looked good so I asked for one of them.

“A whole one?” asked the man.
“Yeah. Why not?”
“They’re 800 yen a pop. You can have a segment for 300 yen though.”
“Oh. Okay then.”
They started cutting the knot down into tiny wasteful segments so they could get me a good bit.
“For another 100 yen can I have those scrappy bits?” I asked.
“No, they’re not for sale. They are for barter though.”
I offered my old bread for their fresh stuff. The man was keen, but the lady wasn’t; she wanted 5700 yen for the scraps. We argued for about half an hour until I got what I wanted: bread for bread. The lady wasn’t happy.
I went to leave, but couldn’t find my shoes. The place was in a mess. There was so much stuff all over the floor. The shop keepers laughed the whole time I looked. I eventually found them and went to meet Laura in Hakodate. We went for a walk and passed a flying fox. She said she’d already done it but I should because it was fun to do once. I got on. It shot off. It went for about 30km. It even went over snowy mountains.

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