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Old NZ 50c Piece

December 23, 2009

Andrew A and I were going on a road trip around Russia. I had run out of the house quickly to get away from bickering people, and because I was so excited. I ran around the block and jumped into Andrew’s car. Then I realised that I didn’t have any bags, and that I wasn’t wearing any pants. I didn’t want to run back to the house without them, so I asked Andrew to drop me off so I could get ready. He was really pissed off and made a lot of excuses, but eventually did albeit begrudgingly. When I entered the downstairs room I saw my small black bag and thought that I would start with carry on luggage. Laura said that she would help me pack. Very large black spiders (about the size of the old NZ 50c piece) started marching out of the bag’s front pocket. When we hit them they protected themselves with an outside layer that looked like a walnut shell. They were everywhere. The only way to kill them was to flip them over with an ice-hockey stick, and then puncture their bellies. Even then, they exploded everywhere and we got entrails all over us.

I went upstairs to mum’s room to get ready for work. The drugs man came by. He told me to deliver cannabis, LSD, and Freaky Fridays to Chris Rogers who was at the old persons home. They were disguised in a large sewing kit.
When he left the police came by. They got their sniffer dogs out of large lunch boxes. I thought about running away but decided to play innocent and plead ignorance. After searching the place and finding the drugs, the dogs bit my arms and dragged me to the policeman. They gave me a muffin and dropped me off at English Now. I played with Ami for a while. I thought that it was a bit dangerous how the chairs were stacked on the tables.

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